200+ hackers strong.

HackersUTD is a group of students who are focused on participation of hackathons.

Hackathons are fun and exciting: they bring a group of engineers together and foster growth and collaboration. The hackathon encompasses both learning and creation; participants learn a lot about programming and engineering by simply doing. Some even result with a brand new product. However, hackathons are also known to establish a camaraderie between the participants, which eventually lend to lifelong friendships.

HackersUTD will:

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people build technology. They consist of a pre-defined timeframe (i.e. 24 hours) focused on creating something new and innovative.

It is a competition, but the focus is not on the competitive part in itself: the goal is to make new friends, learn, and build something. They are very collaborative events where engineers (and business people) of all skill levels and ages go to participate.

Why should I go?

You get the opportunity to learn by doing, meet prospective employers, and add cool projects onto your resume. You also get free food, (sometimes) free travel, and get connected with other talented programmers!

How do I sign up?

There are so many hackathons all over the nation! We will be discussing some which we are attending at our first general meeting.